Time will not stand still for us

Though it pretends to once in a while

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My name is Jessica. I enjoy music. I play the saxophone (alto in wind ensemble, tenor in jazz band, bari whenever someone needs it), guitar, bass guitar, piano (ha, well, I try), and I'm messing around with my grandpa's old harmonica ;) I believe I'll be writing music for my entire life, even though few people will hear it.

I love to write. I plan on going to college for journalism and writing for an entertainment magazine.

I love politics/social studies/history. I love the gray area of every issue, and I loooove debating :)

I don't have a real religion, but I like to call myself "spiritual." I believe in God... in fact, I believe all the gods of all religions exist. It's called "relativism," I guess. It makes sense to me.

Books are wonderful.
The Smashing Pumpkins are the best band in the world and I don't care who says otherwise.
The Lord of the Rings is the most amazing story in the world, and my favorite movies.
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