billy and jeff - made by lasamy

Time will not stand still for us

Though it pretends to once in a while

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billy and jeff - made by lasamy
Until I Have a Keyboard / Songs From Eve

Track Listing:
1. Round
2. Right Through You
3. If you Tried
4. If Only I Could Say This to Your Face
5. To be Free
6. Daydream*
7. It's Alright
8. Truths + Lies + Dreams

*Smashing Pumpkins cover (from their 1991 album Gish)


1. Round: I never thought that this much love could exist/But then I met you and I couldn't resist/The look in your eyes says that you feel the same/But no one taught you that love's not just a game//I see you 'round//You've got some baggage, but I've got some, too/Now nothing can come between me and you/What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, they say/So I can take anything that comes my way//I see you 'round

2. Right Through You: Have you ever felt like some disease/Contagious and air-borne so everyone breathes/You in/And they don't like you//Walk down the street, see the faces passing/Sometimes I wonder, what's their story/Is it sad/Sad like mine is//And I'm such a drama queen, but I can't help but speak the truth/And I see how I'm seen, but it doesn't matter, except from you/And I can't stand your eyes/Even you're convinced by your own disguise/But I can see right through you//I know first-hand how hard it is/To let people deep beneath your skin/And show them you/And have them hate you//I feel like I'll never be again/The spirit I was before all of this/Happened/But I don't blame you

3. If You Tried: Nights so short and days so long/Swearing to God that I'm not wrong/Trying but failing to be strong//Memory is my best friend/She holds my hand and helps me pretend/My happiness has yet to end//Now your photograph doesn't do much good/And you don't love me like I believe you could/If you tried/I'm wrapped around every word you say/And you could talk to me like you talk to her every day/If you tried//I can't explain how much you meant/When my sanity came and went/My heart's never broken, but it's been bent//I can't move on, but you already have/And you could tell me that you want me back/If you lied/Now photographs just aren't as good/As the thought of you loving me like I know you could/If you tried

4. If Only I Could Say This to Your Face: I don't know why you feel/Like you have to lie to be real/And you don't even like me/So why are you still here//I've moved on/To things that are better than anything/You have to offer me//You never cared when I needed you/But I was always there to see you through/The self-inflicted melodrama that you thrive on/You need me more than I need you//And I won't miss you as much as you must assume/'Cause I have discovered some better things than you/Your hollow promises of friendship neverending/Make me regret ever pretending to be friendly

5. To Be Free: Every cold autumn morning/I wake from dreams of living/The things my blood holds me tight to/Their hopes I can no longer fight through//Inadequacies are so easy/They come on so strong but soon leave me/I don't care what you want out of me anyway/Save your preaching and expectations for another day/Apathy has become so sweet/No more tears fall as my pen hits this sheet/Love is not something I'm proud of/A thing of my past is what it has become//I'll be free/Somehow/Just trust me/Somehow//I'm trying to make you happy/But I'm realizing what I'm sacrificing/I'm sorry that I'm not the person/You dreamed of, but it could be worse

6. Daydream: My daydream seems/As one inside of you/Though it seems hard/To reach through this life/Your blue and hopeless life//My daydream screams/Bitter 'til the end/The love I share, true/Selfish to the heart/My heart, my sacred heart/My daydream, dream/My daydream

7. It's Alright: It's nice to know that you were there/Even though I pretend I don't really care/I'm in love with a memory/Who you are is a shell of who you used to be, but//It's alright/I'll be fine//It's hard to let go of the thought/To let go of the habit that so long I have fought/I've convinced myself that you/Have the same feelings that I do

8. Truths + Lies + Dreams: Thank you for mistaking my/Insecurity for modesty/I saw beauty in my reflection/For a second, for just a second//I saw the person you told me about/She seems nice, and I'd like to spend more time/With her state of mind, and not mine//I know I seem happy on the outside/But sometimes that's a lie/I don't think I'm as strong as you think I am//No rhyme or reason to the season/But you're nice, and I'd like to spend more time/With your pretty lies, so let's try

To Download:
click here :)

I'll scan the art... once I make it... no promises when that'll be :)

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