billy and jeff - made by lasamy

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billy and jeff - made by lasamy
Jessica has a new iiicon!

TORI AMOS WOOO! Love that lady!

I got a 95% on my band play testing mini-band thingy... which is AMAZING. The highest sax score... even though it doesn't even count because Eddie got a 92% BUT HE PLAYED THE TRUMPET PART. What a freakin' genius...

My Spanish final was SO easy I almost peed. If I get anything below a 95% I'll be toootally amazed.

On the 6th Phil, Nikole, Brit, and I are having a RENT party. Phil hasn't seen it O_O No one I know is going to go through life without seeing this movie.

I also need to burn Phil Mellon Collie. I told him that we can't date if he doesn't like it. harrr harhar. no, seriously.

just kidding, actually.


not that it would REALLY matter either way.


that's what I said.


uuuh what else? Half day tomorrow! YAY!

Anddd I love Profe. He's frickin' awesome. My favorite teacher AFTER Jensen but he doesn't even count... he's like frickin' JESUS! Just kidding.

I love Jesus, by the way. I've been praying a lot lately. Not really asking for anything, anymore, just talking. Sometimes out loud, sometimes to myself to avoid strange looks and looney bins. =) But I feel like my relationship with God is getting stronger by the day.. and that makes me happy =)


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If you burn Mellon Collie, you'll have to make the guy promise that he'll buy it if he likes it.

Billy needs the $28.

Is your prof called Profe? That's hilarious.

lol, no, that's not his name... he's Argentinian and no one can pronounce his last name, so we just call him Profe XD

haha, billy needs the $28 XD

i really don't mind if people don't share my music tastes, but i don't know... i always wonder what would happen if i fell in love with someone who didn't like the pumpkins. haha, hopefully that will never happen ;)

lol, I agree. I can handle people who don't mind them and people who don't really care either way, but someone who honestly DISlikes them is just... like... WEIRD. I don't understand how it would be possible. lol

yo wukka. can i come to your partay? do you now have school that day or what?

no school--institute day! And of COURSE you can come, silly!!

too bad i have class. what time?

Congratulations on the 95%. I like the idea of copying Mellon Collie and giving it to your friend. I did that once, except it was Rotten Apples: Greatest Hits.

I usually try to think of what CD the person would like the most, and if I can't decide then I automatically pick Mellon Collie. I think the Greatest Hits CD is excellent, but it's really nice to have the entire album there to get the full affect.

Then again, if I burned him the Greatest Hits he could pick his favorite and go buy it...

Hmmm... this is quite a pickle...

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