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billy and jeff - made by lasamy
scars_guitars is my new music LJ. I'm going to add everyone on this friends list, so add me back if you want to hear some more stuff. Not gonna ever post any songs HERE again. All gonna be in the other one :)

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added :D i'd love to hear it

Okay, I actually have something intelligible* to say! lol
* is that a word?

I loooove Disarm/Mayonaise. I think they're my favorites to listen to.

I had my iTunes on random and Real, A Lie came on and I didn't recognize that it was you at first because I just got tons of new music. And I was thinking "Wow, that's some awesome guitar" then you started singing and I was like O_O

You seriously have a career ahead of you, assuming that it's something you strongly pursue. I shall be listening for you! =P

Lol, I have no idea if that's a word XD

hehehheehe, gracias :D If only I could WRITE as well as I could play :)

Hey Jess!

I'll totally take a listen once I'm at my home computer with sound.

By the way, I love the new game you started. It's so well organized, I like that. Do you remember that "Underrated Songs" contest I did? Yeah I kinda forgot about it, and I feel bad that I didn't finish it...but it was kind of a pain in the ass...took way too long...But this one is nice! I like it!

hehe, thanks! I really liked that underrated songs thing! There are a lot of them... OBVIOUSLY "Wound." I LOVE that song :( Don't understand all the hate! And I love "Tales," too... I woulda thought "17" would be out first.. I mean... honestly... lol

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