billy and jeff - made by lasamy

Time will not stand still for us

Though it pretends to once in a while

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billy and jeff - made by lasamy
Until I Have a Keyboard / Songs From Eve

Track Listing:
1. Round
2. Right Through You
3. If you Tried
4. If Only I Could Say This to Your Face
5. To be Free
6. Daydream*
7. It's Alright
8. Truths + Lies + Dreams

*Smashing Pumpkins cover (from their 1991 album Gish)


1. Round: I never thought that this much love could exist/But then I met you and I couldn't resist/The look in your eyes says that you feel the same/But no one taught you that love's not just a game//I see you 'round//You've got some baggage, but I've got some, too/Now nothing can come between me and you/What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, they say/So I can take anything that comes my way//I see you 'round

2. Right Through You: Have you ever felt like some disease/Contagious and air-borne so everyone breathes/You in/And they don't like you//Walk down the street, see the faces passing/Sometimes I wonder, what's their story/Is it sad/Sad like mine is//And I'm such a drama queen, but I can't help but speak the truth/And I see how I'm seen, but it doesn't matter, except from you/And I can't stand your eyes/Even you're convinced by your own disguise/But I can see right through you//I know first-hand how hard it is/To let people deep beneath your skin/And show them you/And have them hate you//I feel like I'll never be again/The spirit I was before all of this/Happened/But I don't blame you

3. If You Tried: Nights so short and days so long/Swearing to God that I'm not wrong/Trying but failing to be strong//Memory is my best friend/She holds my hand and helps me pretend/My happiness has yet to end//Now your photograph doesn't do much good/And you don't love me like I believe you could/If you tried/I'm wrapped around every word you say/And you could talk to me like you talk to her every day/If you tried//I can't explain how much you meant/When my sanity came and went/My heart's never broken, but it's been bent//I can't move on, but you already have/And you could tell me that you want me back/If you lied/Now photographs just aren't as good/As the thought of you loving me like I know you could/If you tried

4. If Only I Could Say This to Your Face: I don't know why you feel/Like you have to lie to be real/And you don't even like me/So why are you still here//I've moved on/To things that are better than anything/You have to offer me//You never cared when I needed you/But I was always there to see you through/The self-inflicted melodrama that you thrive on/You need me more than I need you//And I won't miss you as much as you must assume/'Cause I have discovered some better things than you/Your hollow promises of friendship neverending/Make me regret ever pretending to be friendly

5. To Be Free: Every cold autumn morning/I wake from dreams of living/The things my blood holds me tight to/Their hopes I can no longer fight through//Inadequacies are so easy/They come on so strong but soon leave me/I don't care what you want out of me anyway/Save your preaching and expectations for another day/Apathy has become so sweet/No more tears fall as my pen hits this sheet/Love is not something I'm proud of/A thing of my past is what it has become//I'll be free/Somehow/Just trust me/Somehow//I'm trying to make you happy/But I'm realizing what I'm sacrificing/I'm sorry that I'm not the person/You dreamed of, but it could be worse

6. Daydream: My daydream seems/As one inside of you/Though it seems hard/To reach through this life/Your blue and hopeless life//My daydream screams/Bitter 'til the end/The love I share, true/Selfish to the heart/My heart, my sacred heart/My daydream, dream/My daydream

7. It's Alright: It's nice to know that you were there/Even though I pretend I don't really care/I'm in love with a memory/Who you are is a shell of who you used to be, but//It's alright/I'll be fine//It's hard to let go of the thought/To let go of the habit that so long I have fought/I've convinced myself that you/Have the same feelings that I do

8. Truths + Lies + Dreams: Thank you for mistaking my/Insecurity for modesty/I saw beauty in my reflection/For a second, for just a second//I saw the person you told me about/She seems nice, and I'd like to spend more time/With her state of mind, and not mine//I know I seem happy on the outside/But sometimes that's a lie/I don't think I'm as strong as you think I am//No rhyme or reason to the season/But you're nice, and I'd like to spend more time/With your pretty lies, so let's try

To Download:
click here :)

I'll scan the art... once I make it... no promises when that'll be :)

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too much rock - made by teqsun
Concrete Walls (my CD) is all done. Download it here:

Phew. Thank goodness.

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billy and jeff - made by lasamy
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flea love tattoo - made by lasamy
music myspace. harharharharhar

add me =) Now you won't have to go through silly song downloading to hear anything new.

feel free to add me =D

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billy and jeff - made by lasamy
If there was one song that you could share with the world, what would it be? Think really really hard about what you want people to feel. My biggest goal is to make sure people know that they aren't alone--teenagers in specific. Sure, there are more important things, but really... I don't see myself writing music about saving the homeless people. Music has always been something to help through personal issues. It's been there for me when I felt like no one else was--whether they really were or not is unimportant--and I think that as long as there is always emotional music that makes teenagers feel like they're going to get through something hard, life isn't as bad as it could be.

So think really hard of what you want to tell people. And leave me the lyrics of a song, and a youtube video/stream of it would be even better. It can be live or a music video.

I thought really hard, and the song I would want to share with the world is "Mayonaise." It's always been beautiful to me. Always. So even if you've heard this song a million times, and even if you didn't like it before, please take these few minutes to just sit and listen to the music and read the lyrics. Really focus in on the song. Stop doing everything and anything else. I promise to return the favor ;]

So without further ramblings, I present Mayonaise:

Live from the Siamese Dream tour

Live from the Machina tour

Totally different sounds... I suggest you listen to both if you have the time =]

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Sorry if the lyrics are off... you know how Billy can't pronounce his words...

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billy and jeff - made by lasamy
Jessica has a new iiicon!

TORI AMOS WOOO! Love that lady!

I got a 95% on my band play testing mini-band thingy... which is AMAZING. The highest sax score... even though it doesn't even count because Eddie got a 92% BUT HE PLAYED THE TRUMPET PART. What a freakin' genius...

My Spanish final was SO easy I almost peed. If I get anything below a 95% I'll be toootally amazed.

On the 6th Phil, Nikole, Brit, and I are having a RENT party. Phil hasn't seen it O_O No one I know is going to go through life without seeing this movie.

I also need to burn Phil Mellon Collie. I told him that we can't date if he doesn't like it. harrr harhar. no, seriously.

just kidding, actually.


not that it would REALLY matter either way.


that's what I said.


uuuh what else? Half day tomorrow! YAY!

Anddd I love Profe. He's frickin' awesome. My favorite teacher AFTER Jensen but he doesn't even count... he's like frickin' JESUS! Just kidding.

I love Jesus, by the way. I've been praying a lot lately. Not really asking for anything, anymore, just talking. Sometimes out loud, sometimes to myself to avoid strange looks and looney bins. =) But I feel like my relationship with God is getting stronger by the day.. and that makes me happy =)


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billy and jeff - made by lasamy
scars_guitars is my new music LJ. I'm going to add everyone on this friends list, so add me back if you want to hear some more stuff. Not gonna ever post any songs HERE again. All gonna be in the other one :)

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billy and jeff - made by lasamy


Now I actually know what the lyrics of this song are... Sorry, Kurt, love ya, but you really don't pronounce your words very well XD

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billy and jeff - made by lasamy
We never see people, and we never know people. What we see and know is reflections of ourselves on others. We think "Oh this is different from me," whether we realize it or not. Or "Oh this is the same as me, horrah." We never see people, just ourselves.

I learned that depressing fact from Chuck Palahniuk.

And yet, I'm in a good mood right now? A very happy mood. Hrm.


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billy and jeff - made by lasamy
Three Pearl Jam songs for Kristen, and whoever else wants them :)


"Why Go"


There ya arrrre! Thanks for saving me from house cleaning XD I needed an excuse to take a break :P



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